Affiliate program. Earn money by selling ads on Sex9ja. You get money from each payment ! Register now!

What is possible to advertise ?

The ad in Nigeria Sex contact section.
The ad in meet Xstar section. When you are Adult star in your region.
The links to webcameras or video sites.
The links to adult pages with pictures.
The links to Night clubs and other Adult content sites.

What would be your duty ?
You find the person who will advertise on Sex9ja site.
You explain the details and the possibilities how to advertise.
You send to us the information about the agreed conditions on contact email.
We will review and agree teh terms, or we will correct the deal.
You explain the final conditions and the price to the advertiser.
You arrange the sending of advertisement material to us in the required format.
You explain the payment details and ask the advertiser to pay.
Once we receive the payment, the ad starts according the agreed conditions.
Within 30 days, you receive your money to your account /we prefer Skrill/.
You are responsible to ensure the correct contact details otherwise we are not able to communicate with you.

How to register to affiliate program of Sex9ja ?

Send your contact details and inform your age. You must be legal age.
Explain in short where do you live and how will you work to sell the ads.
By sending the message to us you agree you will follow all laws and regulations valid in your country.
And you need to clearly state in your message that you are fully aware of the laws and the regulations valid in your country.
We will not provide you by any document. You can make print screen as the evidence the ad was realized.
You can work with the bank statement which you will have from your bank/Skrill account.
We do not support cash transactions.
If we accept your application you receive affiliate ID, which will be linked with all your transactions and communication.
If you do not use your ID properly in the communication we will not be able to pair your emails with your account.

What is your profit ?

We work on the level of fifty fifty basis.
In some cases the percentage may be changed, that is the matter of the negotiation.
The transaction fees are paid by each side. We send agreed amount.
You receive the amount based on the payment company fees or your bank.